Some Are Missing.

May 20, 2006

Gone, unusable on Mike’s machine: b/w S and U, and b/w X and Z. So, blog how?

So due o some weird mishap, I don’ know exacl wha, wo of he kes on m compuer aren’ working. I’d love o ell ou exacl wha he are, bu even o spell hese leers phoneicall I need he leers. I’m reall no ring o be co. Sigh.
I hink ha I should blog like his more ofen; wha difference could wo lile leers make? Har dee har har.
I feel ha I should make his enr longer, jus because i looks weird. So: I wached he 198 movie Hoosiers wih Gene Hackman (eah, I suppose I should menion ha I’m missing a number, oo, he one beween 5 and 7), and i was good, I like spors movies so much more han spors hemselves. Ruined b Jerr Goldsmih’s score, wha’s up wih ha? He’s such a genius. Bu he score sounds as if he sudio execuives were fixaed on “Charios of Fire,” ha snh sound, b wha’s his face? Vivaldi? Vivace? Anwa.
Nominaed for an Oscar ha ear, along wih Ennio Morricone, for hm I don’ recall exacl wha. I wonder if he did somehing uncharacerisicall mediocre as well.
I wish I had seen a movie wih Rae Dawn Chong in i, because I can spell her name wihou he missing kes. Oh, I suppose I can pe “Gene Hackman” and “Ennio Morricone” jus as well. And “Rosie Perez,” oo, hough she wasn’ in Hoosiers. So nevermind.
his weirdness will no be a charming quirk for long. I reall fucking hope ha his echnical difficul is emporar.