Spazzy Heraldic.

November 10, 2004

It was Day of Guitars.

There’s a guitar solo–replacing the Jay Rodriguez saxophone solo, which many of you have heard on the much-Kazaa’d bootleg of the rough mixes, sigh–on “I Feel As If I’m Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well” that we spent hours pruning and editing.
Back in New York, I listened to my two favorite guitar solos in the Universe, “You Really Got Me” and “Stairway to Heaven,” and figured out that they didn’t stray far from certain licks/motifs; they were almost like long parts, with liberal variations. So I sat at my home computer and played a bunch of licks, just jammed solos, and then strung them together in ProTools, cut ‘em up, rejiggered the licks into something like a story.
It sounded like shit–I mean, recording-wise. I’m a hapless engineer–the ProTools revolution is a tragic development for me, as everyone’s producing these superslick home recordings and mine are pretty laughable, crude. An interesting effect, given my artlessness at crossfading, was that you can hear the abrupt edits if you solo the solo. It sounds quite freaky and compelling. You can’t really hear it when it’s embedded in the track.
Also at home, I cut and pasted this one riff of Jay Rodriguez’s, a spiralling, weird, Coltrane-y ornament, into a punctuating, recurring bit; I typed in its title as “Spazzy Heraldic.” We kept referring to it when layering the guitar solo in–“So this lick should start at the entrance of the Spazzy Heraldic, right?”
PS, another favorite solo: Bob Quine’s (RIP–man, what an incredible talent that guy was) on Lloyd Cole’s “What Do You Know About Love?” But I was too lazy to track the recording down when doing pre-solo-cutting research.
Then Dan and I plugged my iPod into the stereo and did more listening: Jay-Z “You Must Love Me”, AC/DC “For Those About To Rock”, Henry Thomas “Bob McKinney” and “Fishing Blues”. In a discussion of the beauty of butt rock, Dan told me tale about two guys in Fargo who took him on a joyride in a Camaro, imploring him to pay close attention to the art of a certain Canadian band. Dan said, in mid-story: “What’s that band that Geddy Lee’s in?”–!!!
We cut these big huge AC/DC chords on a Gibson SG on “Sunkeneyed Girl.” Big fat ringing power chords. We’ve got Eric Fawcett, the drummer from N.E.R.D. and Spymob, coming in to cut drums tomorrow; we want to step the song up into Jungle territory.