Steve Keene’s New Steez.

November 22, 2005

I went to S.K.’s Williamsburg store this past weekend and loaded up on art.

I’ve been a fan of Steve Keene’s for years; I had him paint Soul Coughing’s road cases, which made a psychedelic/folk-art stage set that I loved. He’s done a bunch of stuff with me, posters, t-shirts, all kinds of stuff. And I’m not the only guy; he did a Pavement album cover, an Apples in Stereo video, an Irvine Welsh book jacket.
He’s so extremely well known for the painting, but he’s got a new thing happening; this cut out stuff. I went over to his store and bought armloads of it.
I urge you to go and see for yourself. A big part of his aesthetic is the inexpensiveness of his art; I bought all this stuff for TWENTY THREE BUCKS–?!