Stevedore Stomp/Rent Party Blues/West Lake Street Toodle-oo.

December 9, 2004

I’m jonesing to be done at last.

My ears are getting tired. I sit around reading, websurfing, journalling, as the tracks spool past, hearing my own vocal endlessly, and I’ve become desensitized to it.
After dinner I can plug my iPod into this pair of little speakers, and listen to it in the kitchen, and at that point in the day, listening to it in that lo-fi format, it sounds good to me. Great, in fact. It’s unbelievable how Dan has become such a formidable mixer–he’s gained so much skill and knowledge just in the two years we’ve been working on this recording.
We’re a little behind schedule. We’re going to need another week to wrap it up. So, we’re doing the tracks that need arrangement work–trombone enters here, drums drop out here, use this backing vocal and not that one, that kind of thing–and then, when I split on Saturday, Dan will finish up the mixing in my absence.
I’m going to Jamaica the day after we finish the recording. I booked this vacation over the strenuous objections of my manager, who thought I should be around for this–but, I really don’t need to be. Dan is the brilliant balancer of tracks–I’m good with instruments entering and exiting, texture and combination, but the fact is that when Dan fattens up a sound with one of the many lovely boxes with flashing lights, it just sounds unchallengably great. I could come up with some opinion just to have one, but it’d be superfluous. I trust Dan.
So, it’s warm sun and blue water for me.
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