Taking It from Where We Left Off.

November 9, 2004

Here I am in Minneapolis again.

I’ve been here so often over the past year and a half that coming back doesn’t seem unusual at all; it’s like waking up from a dream, and here’s the real world again. Familiar.
As ever, the theme: scary and wonderful. We’re in the home stretch. A relief, and a fear of the big unknown.
We didn’t do much with the first day: I had to get up to fly at 5 am, so I was pretty fragged, and the first day back is usual more theoretical than tactile. Dan and I talked, then went to lunch with a notepad and talked, then came back, sat in the studio, and listened to Frou Frou, Regina Spektor, Ibrahim Ferrer, Will Oldham/Matt Sweeney, Low, and talked. We made lists; wrote up a rough sequence; figured out the guest players we wanted to bring in. And talked.