Tempeh and the Cinema.

November 15, 2004

As is our policy, we took Sunday off.
(Oh, if you’re just logging in at work, after the weekend, check out the entry below, Nov 14: Shiznits and Gizziggles, if you want to see multiple pixx of In-Studio Action.)

I spent the morning yelling “ROCK AND ROLL!” with Coco, which is what Coco and I enjoy doing in the morning. She’s grown up a lot; of course, she used to pronounce it ROCKITY ROLL.
Then we went, “Sshh!” and whispered, “rockandroll rockandroll,” and then I would say, “Sine yo penny on the runny kind!” a la Pootie Tang, and play gimme-five, gimme-five.
Coco is my guru.
I ate a Tempeh Reuben at French Meadow, on Lyndale, as I have for the past five days in a row. Then I went to see Sideways at the Uptown Theater; brilliant. It’s good to see that filmmakers are still paying close attention to American Life.
Fabulous score, too, by some mystery man named Rolfe Kent.
Then I came back, talked album theoretics with Dan over Phillipine chicken with olives, and watched a DVD of Dig!, which is a compelling tale of rock and roll rivalry and self-destruction. Highlights: Zia from the Dandy Warhols, second sexiest woman in rock history (and whom, once in Portland, I passed up the opportunity to hang out with so I could go back to my hotel room and do drugs), and Joel Gion, the endlessly charming and lovable tambourine player (seemingly little more than a very compelling, hilarious stage ornament) in the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Joel Gion is now my rock and roll kinky lord of darkness.
But I must confess: I’m not a fan of either band’s. The music just sounds like 60’s revivalism to me. So to hear all these dudes proclaiming these bands genius and the-last-real-rock-and-roll-act puzzled me, and made the film disjointed and odd, from my point of view.