The Emoticon: a Bummer, but a Necessity?

July 21, 2006

chuck hucklebuck 1.jpg
I bummed this dude out. Perhaps a : ) would have saved the day.
(pix ganked from listener Chuck Hucklebuck)

chuck hucklebuck 3.jpg
I use smileys, aka emoticons, aka : ), all the time. For some reason I wrote letters for years and was able to delineate between sarcasm and sincerity. But I have lost this ability to the march of progress.
I’ve been trying to wean myself off them.
I wrote to a fellow blogger, and it was the kind of remark right on the edge of snarkiness; the kind of thing that can start a flame war. A smiley would’ve cleared it up, but he’s a notable writer, and I wanted to seem like the kind of guy that’s never used a smiley in his life.
I failed. He got MAD.
I’m so embarrassed.
chuck hucklebuck 2.jpg