The First Night of Hanukkah, Teaneck, NJ: Fotos by Lou Perseghin.

December 16, 2006

The duct tape on the guitar, while attractive, is not a fashion move. When I opened it up at soundcheck, I found a gigantic crack on the underside, almost splitting it in half. A pretty catastrophic injury.
The case wasn’t damaged at all. So apparently Homeland Security opened it up to check it out and fucked it up something awful. That’s my best guess, anyway.
Interested in stinging irony? Read the entry below, “I’m Home Again in Brooklyn…”
Anyway, I taped it up and she played great. Scrap and I knew what we were gonna start and end the show with, but the rest of the gig was requests shouted out from the audience. Fun!
Also: I stole dude from Bloc Party’s jacket to wear. Oh yes.