The Good Good Day.

June 24, 2006

Why I got into this mess in the first place.
(Above pic by listener Nathan; pic below by listener Patrick Woodward)

We were doing this tune, and it seemed pretty straightforward, but Pete and I wanted it to sound tougher. So we toughened it up, and it sounded just kind of harsh and weird, so we brought it back down, but suddenly everybody had changed their part, and we were in the wilderness.
Everybody was lost, and we stumbled through it a few times, and it just sounded like four dudes messing around on four unrelated songs. Pissiness ensued.
Pete was doing this one kind of thing. I took a cue from it, and hooked up my iPod to the stereo. We listened to this one song that I heard as being related to Pete’s idea. Pete came up with a long, complex version of what he was doing.
Pete, just play the first bar and loop that.
Pete plays.
No, no, the first bar.
Pete plays.
Pete! Just the first bar! Not the first two.
(it was a long day, I was caffeinated and testy)
And suddenly we had a thing! Is it soup yet? No, but it certainly is broth. We all jumped in, and made adjustments.
Suddenly, it was great, and we kept playing, and it got hotter with each take. Then it got too hot–everyone was hyped up and playing louder and more aggressively than the song needed. That’s when we realized that we had it dialed in a couple of takes ago.
Really wonderful.
I slept like a rock (and, incidentally, blew off the Fiery Furnaces gig that I called First Ave and asked to be on the guest list. If anybody from First Ave is reading this, sorry about that)