The Heavily-Fortified Green Zone.

August 19, 2007

Up on Sunday, watching the Yelly Show, a.k.a. The McLaughlin Group. It’s killed my Meet the Press buzz–footage of Karl Rove in 1972, with large hair, big brown-framed glasses, and rockstar-svelte frame. I’m gonna switch over to VH1 and hope for a Bret Michaels marathon.
So. “The Heavily-Fortified Green Zone.” Why is it never just the Green Zone? It’s like in the Odyssey, where every time they’re mentioned, it’s “sweetly laughing Aphrodite” and “the wine-dark sea.” Or, for that matter, “stately Wayne Manor.”
I went on an internet date last night, and the woman looked nothing like her photographs. She was smart and nice, and it was a fun chat. But I think she could sense my disappointment, which I felt bad about.
The internet dating thing works for me–I was seeing this awesome girl for a few weeks that I met, she had a ritzy gig and actually flew me out to Chicago where she was working. Lots of fun.
There is that dice-roll, though, of the photo-to-reality ratio. Sometimes you see a black-and-white portrait of a woman with an 80s hairstyle; i.e., high school yearbook photo. In my generation, that’s 20 years ago!!