The Island of Misfit Guitars.

January 26, 2005

I have a bunch of instruments I want to find good homes for.

A few things I should note:
1) It disturbs me to keep a guitar in a storage space; guitars need to be played and loved.
2) People keep telling me I should hang on to old guitars I don’t play any more, because I may need them, but I can’t help it, it’s my psychic disposition to travel light.
3) I don’t want to fuck with eBay.
So. The one very good guitar I have is a Gibson J-150, which is gorgeous; I feel particularly guilty about keeping it locked up. It’s in OK shape–neck’s a little buzzy. The pickup is kinda muted and weird. Clearly it needs a little trip to the guitar hospital for a touch-up.
The other things are:
The cheap shit Yamaha telecaster copy I recorded Ruby Vroom on (I doubt the pickups work, the hardware is rusty, and I took a screwdriver to the paint job once when I was high, leaving ugly gashes).
A Danelectro Baritone guitar. (It’s a reissue, not vintage)
A black Mexican stratocaster. It’s got a Roland guitar-synth pickup in it, but the jack is messed up (not the actually part where you plug the cord in, just the plastic bit that keeps it in place), so you’ll either need to do some gluin’ or just resign yourself to a permanent condition of futzing every time you play it (that’s exactly what I have to do with my other two Fender/Roland strats, sigh)
A Baby Taylor with a nice Fishman pickup in it.
A greenish-yellow Fender Coronado II, my secondary guitar from Soul Coughing days–it’s all over El Oso, though I couldn’t tell you exactly which tunes. It’s one of the “Wildwood” series, where Fender in the hm, late 60s? stained the wood in this manner where, though the guitar is really colorful, you can see the grain of the wood. It’s quite beautiful.
All of these guitars have been sitting lonely in a cell at Manhattan Mini-Storage, unused, so they’ll all probably need a little tune-up. (I take horrible care of guitars; I’m a bad daddy)
I’m going to head up there and take some pics in the next few days; in the meantime, if anybody’s interested, drop me a line at