The Question Jar.

August 12, 2007

So I’m planning this show for the late Fall that I’m calling The Question Jar Show.
I was inspired by the shows Scrap and I did at the Mexicali Blues in Jersey last December–we played nothing but requests yelled out from the crowd. I wanted to do a whole tour like that.
The new wrinkle is the Question Jar: a big jar into which the audience can drop written questions. I’ll answer ‘em between songs.
My next record, Golden Delicious, isn’t out yet, and I want to preview the songs, so I will be hiring professional hecklers to yell out the titles of songs no one’s heard of yet.
No, actually I’ll probably just cheat, and play them sans request.
Speaking of which: Golden Delicious has been mixed and mastered, and is ready to go, musically. There’s still photographs to be taken and things like that, which takes FOREVER.
So yeah, it will be out slightly after forever arrives.
I am having the love with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new thing, IS IS. So large! So funky! So deliciously cryptic!