The Skittish Downloader’s Amnesty Plan.

November 26, 2004

Those of you who’ve downloaded Skittish illegally sometime between 1999 and now–I’m not gonna insist that you buy it all over again when it’s rereleased on December 7–I’m gonna let bygones be bygones. I propose an offer of amnesty:

The real drag, for me, about all the surreptitious downloading is the passing-around of unfinished, rough-mixed versions, sometimes with scratch tracks of certain instruments that I really don’t want on the final version, scratch vocals that aren’t comped, etc.. (particularly the rough mixes of the new record I’m doing with Dan, ouch, that sucks.)
But many come up to me at shows expressing anxiety about ripping me off economically. Which really doesn’t bother me all that much–file-sharing in general has been a real boon for me. (nonetheless, those that stand in the CD-selling line and say, “Could you sign my burned copy of Rockity?” Uh, NO.)
But, if your guilt is truly overwhelming, any of these will be graciously and gratefully accepted.
PS, I did OK at Thanksgiving–that is to say, I ate like a maniac with tremendous sensual pleasure. Thanks to all that wrote nice notes about my battle with the inner fat man–I lost 20 pounds this year, mostly by changing my woefully unexamined teenage rock and roll eating habits. I’m just trying to stay diligent.