The Tao of Scrap.

September 19, 2005

As you may already know, Scrap has a daughter named Larry.

Scrap is mistakenly considered by many to be a solemn dude, based on his onstage demeanor. This is one reason we’ve instituted the “Scrap Fact” segment of the show, to debunk this.
If there is a moment of silence, Scrap will say, in his charming Texan drawl, that he loves something. “I love trees,” or “I love fenceposts,” or “I love C-Span.”
I bought Scrap a pair of maracas from Ecuador with crudely-carved Spiderman heads on them. We have in the past done a version of “F Train” with Scrap playing the Spiderman maracas. Though we haven’t done it in a month or two, he has the Spiderman maracas on his person at almost all times.
Scrap is prone to expressing enthusiasm by saying, for instance, “This doughnut is right in the eyes of the Lord!”
Scrap does a dance called “dishing out the sausage.” It is in no way suggestive; it actually looks like a guy non-euphemistically dishing out non-euphemistic sausage.