The Tube Lug.

November 12, 2004

Fantastic drumming made the day.

Eric Fawcett came over and ROCKED THE CORPOREAL PLANE. He did a track on “Looking at the World,” and a cover tune that I will not reveal the title of just as yet. What a good guy.
We talked about the beard he wore when he played SNL with N.E.R.D. He regrets it. Dan and I strongly objected to his regret: “But you looked like a skater Levon Helm!” I exclaimed.
We tried a bunch of snares, which all had groovy names I can’t recall. One of them was “the Tube Lug,” so named after its tuning or tightening mechanism. We didn’t end up using it–we found a nicer snare–but I do regret not being able to say, Great snare sound on “Looking,” huh? That’s THE TUBE LUG.
He complimented me for Soul Coughing and it made me anxious and weird. I don’t do well with compliments. Particularly about something so long in the past that I feel so little connection with it (although I spose I do feel a very vital connection with a few of the songs, the ones I wrote alone in my room, and the moments and cirumstances in which I wrote them), I feel as if it were a different man doing that music.
I have such a complex about Soul Coughing, such a need to be on par with that work, and to be a vital artist–I feel that I’ve stayed away from the major-recording world for so long, it’s really an advantage, those that instantly turn up with a d