Today: A Better America. Taylor Hicks’ America.

May 25, 2006

(sob) You do make me proud! You do! (sob)

In triumph, our Taylor emotes, with that trout-like, Nixonian grimace.
A moment of bliss: after Taylor is declared the winner, they cut to a weeping David Hasselhoff.
A moment of anguish: at the end of the broadcast, for a couple of seconds, in tiny type, the disclaimer flashed that the cursing Rhonetta was in fact an actor. It was worded in hearbreaking, side-effects-may-include lawyerese, but I can’t give you the exact wording, as my TiVo cut it off.
Perhaps you’ll let it slide, if I include as a bonus these mugshots of Rhonetta, courtesy of the Mecklenburg County sheriff’s office.