Toronto: Disaster!

June 15, 2006

Fun and mishaps in Canada.
(person who sent me these pix, please write so I can put your name here, because I am a tool and I forgot)

(Check out that guitar face. Right?)
Maybe the loss of our Canadian ex-keyboardist Handsome Dan cursed us. Firstly, when we walked up onstage I realized that I hadn’t put my in-ear monitors on. I got on the mic for the traditional “Toronto, are you ready to rock?!” and thought to myself, that’s funny, I can’t hear my voice, have they not turned on the mic yet?
In the middle of the first song, Kirby’s electric piano began to emit apocalyptic grinding noises. It died right there. He had to do the whole show on a tiny circa-1993 Casio SK-1, which is a toy keyboard, essentially–about the length of my forearm, with keys the size of a girl’s pinkie. It has a rudimentary sampler onto which most users usually say “fuck” or “shit” and play it back at a variety of speeds and tones.
It was loads of fun. Also: hot dogs.