Update Is Overdue.

June 29, 2006

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When is the malady Blogger’s Guilt gonna be added to the DSM-IV?

Both Pete and I are creatures of habit; we’ve eaten lunch at French Meadow, and dinner at Quang almost every night of this session here in Minneapolis. At lunch break, we just get in the rental car and go without discussing where we’re going. I have some friends I get together with in New York once a week, and every week we go to Mama’s on 3rd and B, and yet we always spend ten minutes discussing where to eat.
We ordered some Brazilian beans from Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn. Been hitting the coffee pretty hard, as is par for the course in the studio. But it’s pretty hard on the mental state. In general I’ve maybe been in rougher shape than I’ve wanted to admit to myself. It’s stressful.
The guest room I’m sleeping in is adjacent to the studio and next to the drum room. So there’s amps and snare drums stacked in there, and in general it feels like I’m sleeping in the middle of the recording process. That can make for rough nights if I haven’t remembered to lay off the coffee after 4 pm.
The Wilson house is a fun place to be, though; Dan’s daughter Coco has become my guru. Even if she won’t let me read her Calvin and Hobbes.
Music is good. We’ve been averaging better than a song a day; we had a three song day on Monday! We got through all the tunes that I was certain would sound great, now we’re into the ones I find problematic. I’ve liked them while we were cutting them, which is good fortune, but does not necessarily mean I’ll love them when we listen back, or when I listen to them weeks from now.
The miraculous thing about Haughty is that I still love the tracks two years later. Rare for me. I’m hoping for the same phenomenon this time around. But, we’re going for a rougher sound this time, meaning more flaws, which may be harder to forgive myself for as time passes.
Pete McNeal has done some drum tracks that I think will make his reputation, they’re so great.
Kirby is hot shit, too. We subject him to near-inhuman amounts of teasing, being that he’s 23 and girls love him and he’s supertalented. But he sounds so great; clearly we’re envious.
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