We Rocked the Block Party in Minneapolis.

July 16, 2005

This gig was huge.

Oh, it was fun. Scrap and I flew in from New York, and Cee-Huck from L.A., and we played this Block Party thing, and there were fried cheese curds, and we hung out with Ben Lee:
(directly above is Ben woodshedding harmonies with his band in the artists’ trailer)
It was really fun. Chuck and I went out to a bar with some friends post-gig, and as we sat there chatting, the Last Call With Carson Daly performance came on. The sound was off; we sat there watching it as the closed-captioned lyrics scrolled by. Well, at least we looked OK. Nobody in the bar noticed.
Scrap and I went to the Cinnabon in the airport as we waited for our flight; it was staffed by Ethiopians, who bugged out that I had a tattoo in Amharic on my arm.