Weekly Post-Game.

April 19, 2006

More or less glad to see Ace go.

I was pretty certain in my heart that they weren’t gonna send Chris home, but it was fucking scary to see him up there next to Ace, who was clearly headed for the chopping block.
The redness of Simon’s face, the stunned look, was phenomenal. Because I think he realized that his advice to Chris to switch it up almost got Chris axed. My theory is that everybody thinks he’s gonna win. Ultimately Simon’s an A&R guy, and nearly losing a star must have scared the bejesus out of him.
I love Taylor, but I think Chris will take the big prize. Hopefully Kellie Pickler won’t get 2nd. Loathe her, loathe loathe loathe, and yes I do feel bad that her Dad’s in jail.
Taylor handled the pick-the-winners thing with aplomb. Looked scared and shocked when the task at hand was revealed, but he played gracefully (and unapologetically, which was smart) for the camera when he had to pick.
Although I wondered if he was smart, and turned around when it became clear that he picked wrong. I don’t put it past him. Smart dude.