We’re a Bus.

September 15, 2005

Hello from the parking lot of a Best Western in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sitting on the bus with coffee typing to you.

One of my favorite bits of tour lingo is when the bus driver comes on and asks the tour manager, “Are we a bus?” He means: is everybody on board. The answer: “We’re a bus.”
Good show in D.C. last night. I’m still getting adjusted to these in-ear monitors I’ve been wearing–everything sounds crystal fucking clear, but I feel a little disconnected from the room. 930 club’s one of the great joys of the American road. Such a fantastic venue. Up in the dressing room they’ve got this tiered bunk-bed looking thing; I always think that this is a display of their DC punk roots, that they’ve devised this system so that they can accomodate three sleeping hardcore bands at once.
Big spark of yelling and excitement from the crowd at the little chimey three-repeating-note intro to “Looking at the World,” so I guess it’s officially The Hit.