‘What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round At Last…’

October 20, 2004

I bought a new computer yesterday; I bought it because on my old one, the hard drive ground itself to death, taking with it a bunch of photos I hadn’t backed up. Agony!

It’s covered under AppleCare, so they’ll fix it, and it’ll be back home in two weeks or so (wiped of my photos, my journal…agh). But I’ve been through the two weeks without a computer before, and I’m just doing too much work nowadays to spend two weeks computerless again.
I feel slightly weird, having dropped 1000 bones, and having basically the same damned iBook G4. I wanted a retail high! No such luck.
Hm, you know what–when I get the old thing back–anybody out there in TV Land want to buy it? It’s a 12 inch. It’s not even a year old. It’s got an AirPort card, and it’ll be covered under AppleCare for two years. (does that transfer if I sell the thing to somebody else? I wonder.)
I’ll sell it for, like, I don’t know, $700?
(with the AirPort card and the AppleCare I paid like $1500 for it.)
The only bad thing about it is it’s got those weird discolorations in the beautiful iBook whiteness, where my wrists sat.
About two years ago, some dude offered me $2000 to buy the guitar I used on Ruby Vroom. Now, that guitar is a cheap-shit Yamaha telecaster copy, and Lord knows what shape it’s in–as a matter of fact, at one point, when I still lived in Brooklyn, I took a screwdriver to it and attempted to scratch the purple paint off of it. (Yeah, OK, in a bit of a druggy haze)
Feeling weird about selling a guitar in such shitty condition for such big bucks, I turned him down. Now I regret it. Some dude, come back! I have reconsidered!