Window Shopping for a Place to Live.

November 13, 2005

I’m in Portland right now.

I spent yesterday wandering around Northwest–Nob Hill, they call it, fancifully–and decided: I don’t dig it. Too yupped-out for me.
McGonigal took me down to the North Mississippi area–Fresh Pot and Mississippi Records–I love it over there. A guy at the counter of the record store knew somebody showing an apartment near there, and we looked at it, and it was just the most macked-out pad I have ever seen with my own two eyes. Two levels, spiral staircase. But–too expensive. I think. The place was so fantastic my breathing gets shallow when I think about it.
Then we went to Belmont and Hawthorne, also amazing areas. Basically, I just want to live walking distance from a Stumptown or a Fresh Pot.
I’m not moving just yet–in fact, I’m not completely sure that I’m gonna do it–but it sure is great around here.