‘….With Technicolor Haloes of the Usual Around Them.’

October 29, 2004

At this precise moment, I’m optimistic about Kerry taking it. But. Even hearing mention of the Election makes my heart race. Anxiety.

Doug Schulkind, the WFMU Friday morning DJ, is cracking me up with black humor: “If you’re voting for the right guy, I would like to encourage you to vote. If you’re voting for the wrong guy, I would like to ask politely that you stay home on election day.”
I saw the Eminem video on ABC news last night–it’s amazing how galvanized previously apolitical artists are. Howard Stern’s site is nothing but anti-Bush links! Incredible.
I’ve been thinking about a lyric in that song I did for the Future Soundtrack compilation: “I can feel a change is coming on/Bloom like a flower in bluest night/Bloom like the sunlight in my song.”
I thought: what a sad bust that lyric may be on November 3rd. But then it occurred to me: There’s going to be a change, no matter what.
It may be 1968 all over again. Artistically, socially–there’ll be a tremendous groundswell of consciousness. Thank God, the Paris Hilton era may be done.
But then. I’ll take Paris Hilton and lipsynching teen idols over however many thousands of lives lost in Iraq. Any day. ANY day.