A video, some shows, a song, a GIF, a plan, a canal (no canal, actually).

December 20, 2012

Zexy Popstars:

I got shows! Philly, Texas, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine. See below.

The incredible Meg Skaff made a delightful video for “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (on which Rosanne Cash sings with me). It features a bewildered, yet charming Mountaineer. I hope you like it–my girlf is from West Virginia, and she digs it, so I feel reasonably confident:

Also, you must know about “Dogs/Demons” one-on-one-at-Mike-Doughty’s-actual-home, right?

On Saturday (the 22nd), you can come over to my apartment in Brooklyn, and I’ll record a version of “Dogs/Demons,” just for you, right in front of you. For real.

Skip this paragraph if you already know the deets, but: “Dogs/Demons”, recorded on a voice-memo recorder, is $543.09; if you choose to come to my house on the 22nd for $7.66 I’ll sing another song (from my solo repertory) directly to just you, nobody else in the room. There’s an optional bridge for “Dogs/Demons” that costs $267.18; if you choose to purchase that, you also get yet a third song from my solo repertory.

If you’re interested in just the tune, go to: http://mikedoughty.com/bespoke, and there’s full details, and an order form. If you’d like the performance at my house, look at that, but drop a line to curator@doughtybespoke.com before you order.

Yes, seriously, my house–probably the room on the cover of “The Question Jar Show”. If I clean it.

And hey guess what? It’s GIF Wednesday: here’s this week’s: http://mikedubious.com/06-jimmy-bell-dj/

When I do a lot of email-list-sending, I refer to it as “Axelrodding”.

I hope your holidays are ruling.


Tour Dates:
12/29 – Philadelphia, PA http://bit.ly/TjP2PT
1/12 – Brooklyn, NY http://bit.ly/TscxJz
2/15 – Harrisburg, PA http://bit.ly/Uq1KAq
2/22 – White River Junction, VT http://bit.ly/YnqNa4
2/23 – Londonderry, NH http://bit.ly/RgwUeC
2/28 – Dallas, TX
3/1 – Austin, TX
3/2 – Houston, TX http://bit.ly/12aIMkA
3/15 – Portland, ME
3/16 – Collinsville, CT http://bit.ly/TK7WDu