Adjectives and Dates

June 3, 2013

Dear Groovies:

Dumbly, I didn’t think to check on the release date when PledgeMusic put up my page–it says the album will be released this summer, but, in fact, the release won’t be until the autumn (September is my hope). This has been the case the whole time, I just neglected to be diligent. Sorry about this–totally my bad.

Also: there’s a thing there, where, if you pledge, you can get your name, and an adjective (example: “The incredible Meg Skaff” or “The stupendous Mike Lavigne”) in the actual liner notes of the actual CD. Time’s running out on this! I’m putting together the artwork, and when it’s off to the printer, that’ll be that for that. There’s 16 of them left.

The album is pretty close to finished! I’m gonna be doing videos of acoustic performances of some of the songs and putting them up online soon–there’ll be ones for everybody, and ones just for pledgers. Remember, you can pledge up until the very dang day the album comes out:

Anyhow, hope nobody’s too sweaty. See you soon!


6/17 – Washington DC #
6/18 – Pittsburgh, PA #
6/19 – Brooklyn, NY #
6/20 – Hamden, CT #
6/21 – Philadelphia, PA #
7/31 – New York, NY (Early Show)
7/31 – New York, NY (Late Show)

# with Low