Doughty, at your service

September 12, 2013

Scintillating friends:

The album of reinterpreted Soul Coughing songs is out on Tuesday the 17th. Next week. WHOA.

(If you pledged, you’ll actually be able to download it tomorrow–Friday, the 13th.)

Amazon is taking pre-orders:

Merch Direct is actually doing a pre-order bundled with a t-shirt:

If your notion of music-buying involves motion and buildings, some record stores will be giving away a free piece of chocolate embossed with the logo of my record label, SNACK BAR. See list of stores below.

And, of course, I’m touring a show of all Soul Coughing songs this fall–Catherine Popper will be playing the upright bass, Pete Wilhoit will be playing the drums, and I’ll be playing the guitar and the sampler. See a full list of dates here:

So, yeah! Thanks.


SNACK BAR Chocolate Giveaway Stores
Atlanta, GA – Criminal Records
Austin, TX – Waterloo Records and Video
Baltimore, MD – Sound Garden
Boise, ID – Record Exchange
Cincinnati, OH – Shake It
Denver, CO – Twist and Shout
Duluth, MN – Electric Fetus
Minneapolis, MN – Electric Fetus
Lexington, KY – CD Central
Nashville, TN – Grimey’s
Orlando, FL – Park Avenue CD
Portland, OR – Music Millennium
Raleigh, NC – Schoolkids
Rochester, NY – Record Archive
Seattle, WA – Easy Street
Seattle, WA – Silver Platters
Seattle, WA – Sonic Boom
St. Louis, MO – Vintage Vinyl
St. Cloud, MN – Electric Fetus
Syracuse, NY – Sound Garden
West Babylon, NY – Looney Tunes