Doughty Plays Personal Concerts

December 20, 2012


I sent an email last week, about the song “Dogs/Demons”–a unique recording, on a voice-memo recorder, of a song that will be forever unreleased (and never played live). It costs $543.18, with an optional bridge for $267.09.

I’m doing something weird, again: on Saturday, Dec 22nd, I’ll be recording the song in one-on-one shows.

Come to my house, I’ll set the recorder between you and I, and record the tune in your presence. You and I, nobody else in the room (probably my quasi-studio at home–the one on the cover of “The Question Jar Show”).

Additionally! If you’d like one extra song, of your choice (it must be from my solo records, and approved in advance), I’m having a one-day only 98%-off sale: $7.66, with purchase of “Dogs/Demons”.

Also! There is a bonus song, complimentary with purchase of the bridge.

For more details, as well as sample recordings of “Dogs/Demons”, and photographs of the voice-memo recorder, go to:

If you’d like to participate, you must purchase the song, and book your slot, in advance. Do NOT use the order form–drop a line to

(This is mostly to make sure you’re not a crazy person.)

Recordings will take place in Brooklyn, four subway stops from Manhattan, between 1 and 6 pm. Indicate your preferred time, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I contend that bringing your significant other to my house, and sitting him or her in front of me for an intense one-person show will freak them out better than any other gift you could get them this holiday season.


Tour Dates:
12/14 – Boston, MA
12/29 – Philadelphia, PA
1/12 – Brooklyn, NY
2/15 – Harrisburg, PA
2/22 – White River Junction, VT
2/23 – Londonderry, NH
3/2 – Houston, TX
3/15 – Portland, ME
3/16 – Collinsville, CT