New album GOLDEN DELICIOUS in stores Feb 19!

December 13, 2005

Hey, everybody, it’s me, yer friend Mike Doughty, writing to you from a Holiday Inn in Texas, where me and Scrap are out on tour playing The Question Jar Show.

So I have a new record! It’s called Golden Delicious, and it’s gonna be out on February 19, 2008.

Dan Wilson produced, again, but it’s a little different than Haughty Melodic. It’s got more of a band feel. My genius live band—Pete McNeal (drums), John Kirby (keyboards), and Andrew “Scrap” Livingston (he plays bass with me live, but he played guitar on this one)—are the core of the album.

Our guiding principle was something we called “dude theory,” which meant that it should sound like a bunch of visualize-able dudes; a band, in other words. It was a way of keeping the music spacious.

John Munson, who played bass on Haughty, and Ken Chastain, who played percussion, are also on this one, along with guitarist David Levita and singer Mankwe Ndosi.

Two of the new songs are on Myspace now.

I’ll be debuting a lot of the Golden Delicious tunes in The Question Jar Show. The entire tour is almost completely sold out, but if you can get a ticket, the deal is that the audience puts questions in a jar, which I will answer between songs. No question too weird! No topic taboo!

See you soon,



1. Fort Hood
2. I Just Want The Girl In The Blue Dress To Keep On Dancing
3. Put It Down
4. More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle
5. 27 Jennifers
6. I Wrote A Song About Your Car
7. I Got The Drop On You
8. Wednesday (Contra La Puerta)
9. Like A Luminous Girl
10. Nectarine (Part One)
11. Navigating By The Stars At Night