New album! “The Flip Is Another Honey” Nov 6!

September 17, 2012

Hey sexy everybodies:

I have a new album, entitled, “The Flip Is Another Honey”.

It’s all covers! It comes out on Tuesday Nov 6 (buy it after voting?).


Two John Denver songs: a version of “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, on which Rosanne Cash sings, and a song called “Sunshine” that consists of rapped verses between samples of his song “Sunshine on My Shoulders”.

Two Cheap Trick songs.

A non-ironic version of “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” from the musical “Guys and Dolls”.

A song sung entirely in French called “Ta Douleur”.

Also: Thin Lizzy, Doveman, Red House Painters, and other stuff I’m gonna make you go to to find out about.

An explanation of the title is also there.

So! I hope you listen, and dig. I appreciate your listenership.

Also: gigs! In New York Cit-ay, and in Pensacola FL–full list is below.

L’shana tova,

Mike and/or Doughty and/or Mike Doughty

Upcoming shows:
9/18 – New York, NY (City Winery Residency)
9/22 – Pensacola Beach, FL (DeLuna Fest)
10/12 – New York, NY (City Winery Residency)
10/13 – Wilmington, DE
11/23 – Teaneck, NJ
11/24 – New York, NY (City Winery Residency)