New song, “Dogs/Demons”, only available in individually-recorded versions.

December 6, 2012

Hey there, good friends,

I’ve got a song called “Dogs/Demons.” It’s not on an album; it’s not available on the internet, or anywhere else. It’s available only on a digital voice recorder–the very one that the song was played into. Like this:

I’m releasing the song in individual versions: if you order a copy of “Dogs/Demons,” I will record a version for you on the same recorder I recorded it on. You’ll be able to plug it into a computer (cable is included), and copy it to your hard drive.

It will be an entirely individual performance–you will have the only, repeat ONLY, copy of that performance.

“Dogs/Demons” will never be released in any other form other than on individual digital recorders. It will never appear on an album, as a single, or on a soundtrack. It will never be licensed to a TV show or a commercial.

The price is $543.09. It’s available in a choice of three keys: C, D, or D-sharp.

There’s an optional bridge (at additional cost) for $267.18.

Audio examples of the tune in each available key, the time/date stamp, and the optional bridge, as well as an extensive F.A.Q., are here:

At the beginning of the recording of “Dogs/Demons,” I’ll say the date, time, location, the series number (like, “this is recording number 444″), and the full first, middle, and last name of the person who orders it. The recorder will be signed, and numbered, by me.

You can order “Dogs/Demons” by clicking here.

Anyway. Yeah, it’s art. Hope you listen, and dig.

Michael Ross Doughty

Tour Dates:
12/6 – Minneapolis MN
12/10 – Chicago, IL
12/14 – Boston, MA
12/29 – Philadelphia, PA
1/12 – Brooklyn, NY
2/15 – Harrisburg, PA
2/22 – White River Junction, VT
2/23 – Londonberry, NH