New video, for “Sunshine”

February 28, 2013

Wondrous friends:

Hey! I done made another musical film, directed by the great Meg Skaff, for the song “Sunshine”, in which I speak/rap/spiel between samples of a ghostly, emotional John Denver.

See here:

John Denver’s estate was surprisingly stoked about this use of his voice–I really thought they’d find it too bizarre. And it’s an unusually sincere love song, for me, but, it’s still me, so it’s still weird.

We shot it in Meg’s basement in Bushwick, with the inimitable Andrew “Scrap” Livingston providing comical sidekickery, sign-language interpretation by Nikki Perkins, and myself totally failing to imitate her interpretations of my lyrics.

Additionally, there’s reams of reels of discarded film, which Scrap and I destroy, artfully. The film may or may not have been obtained in sketchy circumstances. Please keep that under your hat.


2/28 – Dallas, TX
3/1 – Austin, TX
3/2 – Houston, TX
3/15 – Portland, ME
3/16 – Collinsville, CT