RE: Bespoke, individually-recorded-for-you, now repertoire-wide.

February 19, 2013

Dear Beauties:

I’m doing another version of the tailored-for-individual-use recordings, as I did with “Dogs/Demons”, but, having gotten requests for songs I’ve already recorded, I thought I’d do another take on this thing. They’re not, like “Dogs/Demons”, a song that’ll *only* exist in individual recordings, so they’re less expensive.

For $172.28, the song of your choice–from my solo albums–recorded on an MP3 voice recorder, which I’ll sign and date.

This will be a unique performance. Nobody will have a copy of it but you–not even me.

If you want a second song, it’ll be just $90.88.

If you want a third, it’ll be $61.67.

A fourth, $34.24.

A fifth, $3,353.53.

I’ll need your full name–first, middle and last–which I’ll begin every song by saying. Two names are doable, but not three.

If you’re interested, go to there’s an FAQ there. If something remains unanswered, email for help.

I hope your 2013 has been pleasing thus far. As I hope your Hebrew year 5772 has been, though it’s 33% over, and your Chinese Year of the Dragon, though we transition to the Year of the Snake imminently.


2/22 – White River Junction, VT
2/23 – Londonderry, NH
2/24 – Northampton, MA
2/28 – Dallas, TX
3/1 – Austin, TX
3/2 – Houston, TX
3/15 – Portland, ME
3/16 – Collinsville, CT