Re: Doughty: back in NY Cit-ay

December 21, 2011

Hey handsome pals!

Our long national nightmare is over. By this I mean our U.S. tour, which a) isn’t really over, as there’s two gigs in New York, tonight, and tomorrow, and b) actually was such a fun tour that we’re all bummed it’s done.

Band sounds great! Supatight, Supagroovy! There has been much raucous, dancey motion and singalonging.

Tonight! The Brooklyn Bowl.
Tomorrow! The Bowery Ballroom.

Info below. Please enjoy.

Also, ps, here’s a kind of “trailer” for the tour–shot in Denver–that we have completed just as the tour ends. Yeah.


Mike Doughty

Nov. 18 – Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Bowl)

Nov. 19 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)