Re: I wrote a book about drugs and Soul Coughing

December 21, 2011

Groovy people–

So, I wrote a book called “The Book of Drugs.” It’s largely about drugs. There’s also a lot about the weirdness, and messed-up-ness, of life in Soul Coughing.

It would make a lovely Christmas or Hanukkah gift! Except, it’s not coming out until January 2012. Sorry bout that. I tried.

However! It can be pre-ordered on Amazon:

I’ll be touring solo in 2012, reading from the book, as well as playing songs–and doing a Q&A with the audience, which should be interesting. Tour dates below.

Hope you read! Hope you dig! And, hope to see you soon.

Mike Doughty

PS, If you click through all the customers-who-bought-this-item-also-bought stuff, several pages in, you’ll find the only thing on the list that’s not a book or an album: a stainless steel funnel meant for pouring liquor into a flask. Not a flask–a funnel to fill the flask. Awesome.

PPS, If you’re looking to get something that’s available now, I’m running a Holiday Sale on my merch store: Use the promo code “doughty15″ at checkout, and save 15% on anything in the store.


2/2 – New York, NY* –
2/3 – Charlotte, NC
2/4 – Atlanta, GA –
2/6 – Savannah, GA*
2/7 – Orlando, FL –
2/8 – Tampa, FL* –
2/8 – Tampa, FL
2/10 – Birmingham, AL –
2/11 – New Orleans, LA –
2/14 – Austin, TX
2/15 – Dallas, TX –
2/17 – Nashville, TN –
2/18 – Lexington, KY
2/19 – Cincinnati, OH –
2/21 – Ann Arbor, MI
2/22 – Cleveland, OH*
2/22 – Cleveland, OH –
2/23 – Toronto, ON
2/24 – Buffalo, NY*
2/25 – Albany, NY

* denotes Bookstore Event