Reopening the Lo-Fi Lodge.

August 14, 2012

Hey fellow citizens:

Today, Monday the 13th, is the midpoint of the Lo-Fi Lodge subscription series. It’s a bunch of unreleased tracks–32 total–that get sent each Monday, until I run out. When you subscribe, you get sent a download link weekly.

I’m gonna reopen registration for it to celebrate the solemn occasion of the 16th track. You’ll get to download the previous 16 tracks, too.

If you want to sign up, you’ve got until this Friday, the 17th.

About the music: many are unreleased tunes, about which I thought, “Why on Earth didn’t I put this on the album?” Others are versions of released tunes that I recorded with different producers, or lo-fi (aw yeah) home recordings. Some of the latter are weird Frankenstein songs, early versions, where parts of some released songs are grafted on parts of other released songs.

Click here to join:

Hope you come dig the groovy scene.