Soul Coughing songs: I’m rerecording ‘em

April 2, 2013

Beautiful friends:

So, this is weird: I’m doing an album reimagining Soul Coughing songs.

And I’m jumping into crowd-funding: I’m asking for your help in making it.

My best explanation is here, in a five-minute video of me recording the album, and talking about it:

I’m doing this through PledgeMusic: if you pledge, you can get (among other things): your names in the credits of the album; a tweet, monthly, in which I praise you lavishly; my extensive collection of mugs that I’ve accumulated in years of touring; you can be video’d smashing the (warped, beyond-repair) guitar I recorded “Sad Man Happy Man” with.

You’ll also get access to mini-documentaries on the recording process (non-pledgers will get to see 30-second trailers of the mini-doc), and exclusive videos of acoustic versions of songs that won’t be on the album (non-pledgers will get to see acoustic versions of the songs that will be).

What a weird trip to embark on! Hope you come with.