“Um, what is a soundcheck party, exactly?”

September 25, 2013

Frothy beings:

A “soundcheck party” is a short acoustic show. I’m doing them in the afternoon before all the shows on this tour–there are some tickets available for some cities–see the list, below my signature. You can get your soundcheck tickets here: https://tikly.co/mikedoughty.

(And of course, the full schedule for the entire five-week, cross-continental jimjam.)

There’s a video for the new version of “Super Bon Bon” that Meg Skaff directed, and it is ridiculously trippy and weird. Possibly the most bizarre video that I’ve ever been a part of: http://youtu.be/803smSs_4LY

I did a strangest-iTunes-review contest. The winner is…third eye drops!

So, third eye drops will receive two tickets to the show/soundcheck party of her/his choice. This is his/her review, in its entirety:

“Tomcats? Tomcats. Keep that butter bowl fresh!”

Please contact me, third eye drops, at m@mkdo.co. I have to say, picking a winner was ridiculously hard, because 140 reviewers wrote MINDBLOWINGLY WEIRD REVIEWS. I am beyond stunned, and happy.

Now! I’m doing another contest: WEIRDEST AMAZON REVIEW. Winner, again, gets two tickets to the show and soundcheck party of their choice. Here’s a link to the album on Amazon: http://georiot.co/3uUN

Fave excerpts: “Like a cookie and lightning sandwich” (nrmiller) “Pour yourself a glass of melted clocks” (Gripper Love) “Telekinesis among aboriginal youths has increased 300%” (Johnny Fiend) “You know the Hollister at the mall? The one that only sells bondage gear and British candy bars?” (thatotherguycolin) “Great pairing with chicken fingers” (ta702)

I posted my own Amazon review, to kick it off. It will likely be deleted, as reviewing yourself is against Amazon Law. Unless you’re my bass player, or mom, yours likely will not be deleted. Good luck!

Your secret admirer,

Mike Doughty

Oct 16 2013 – Teaneck, NJ http://tktwb.tw/11RRuF2
Oct 17 2013 – Philadelphia, PA http://bit.ly/1ckbJ51
Oct 18 2013 – Burlington, VT http://bit.ly/14drmBl
Oct 19 2013 – Boston, MA http://bit.ly/17CCAl3
Oct 20 2013 – Portland, ME http://bit.ly/16qJuQm
Oct 22 2013 – Cleveland, OH http://tktwb.tw/13MaiXE
Oct 23 2013 – Detroit, MI http://bit.ly/13Uhe1k
Oct 24 2013 – Chicago, IL http://bit.ly/19gYqkC
Oct 25 2013 – Minneapolis, MN http://bit.ly/16FdXHo
Oct 26 2013 – St. Louis, MO http://bit.ly/16Fe1Xx
Oct 27 2013 – Milwaukee, WI http://bit.ly/17cLZkm
Oct 29 2013 – Boulder, CO http://bit.ly/16Fe6u9
Oct 30 2013 – Salt Lake City, UT http://bit.ly/13UhtJM
Nov 1 2013 – Vancouver, BC http://tktwb.tw/19gYyAE
Nov 2 2013 – Seattle, WA http://bit.ly/1cR2J5d
Nov 3 2013 – Portland, OR http://bit.ly/1cR2M0W
Nov 5 2013 – Santa Cruz, CA http://tktwb.tw/16A7GL2
Nov 6 2013 – San Francisco, CA http://bit.ly/1cR2QOa
Nov 8 2013 – Los Angeles, CA http://bit.ly/19gYGQT
Nov 9 2013 – Santa Ana, CA http://bit.ly/16FekS6
Nov 10 2013 – Phoenix, AZ http://bit.ly/13p2XK6
Nov 12 2013 – Dallas, TX http://bit.ly/1exVa1n
Nov 13 2013 – Austin, TX http://bit.ly/1bihpIT
Nov 14 2013 – Houston, TX http://bit.ly/19gYQrr
Nov 15 2013 – New Orleans, LA http://tktwb.tw/14t6yds
Nov 16 2013 – Tampa, FL http://tktwb.tw/198nAyy
Nov 17 2013 – Orlando, FL http://ticketf.ly/13p33RT
Nov 19 2013 – Nashville, TN http://bit.ly/14Ct5Y1
Nov 20 2013 – Atlanta, GA http://bit.ly/19gYXmO
Nov 21 2013 – Carrboro, NC http://bit.ly/17cMlY7
Nov 22 2013 – Washington DC http://ticketf.ly/14GIVdh
Nov 23 2013 – New York, NY http://bit.ly/19SwrXU

For all Soundcheck Party tickets, visit: https://tikly.co/mikedoughty