Pledge Campaign launching for a new album: STELLAR MOTEL

April 9, 2014

Hey, Friends,

I’m launching a new PledgeMusic campaign today, for a new album called STELLAR MOTEL; it’ll be produced by Good Goose, the hip-hop DJ and producer who did “Circles Super Bon Bon…” with me.

Right along side that, there’ll be a live album of Soul Coughing songs called LIVE AT KEN’S HOUSE–including a number of songs which weren’t on the last album–with the band I did the all-Soul-Coughing-songs tour with, last November.

Pledgers will get to see videos of the album being made: mini-docs. What I hope you’ll find interesting is that you’ll be able to watch the songs being written, as well as the recording. Goose and I have a fun and weird back-and-forth songwriting process–Pledgers will see the whole thing.

So check out this Link for full info and a video.

Pledge campaigns are, of course, a means of getting funds to make an album. At its best, though, I think crowd-funding is about getting people to really feel like they’ve joined a cause, like they’re joining the artist on a team.

Some notes:
–Each album will be available as a double-vinyl LP. Yes, two double records.

–There’s video updates–short mini-documentaries of the record being made–that’ll be pledgers-only.

–There is plenty of weird stuff to pledge on, including private shows, hand-typewritten lyrics by me, individual songs recorded on micro-cassette, and, in fact, I found the original lyrics to the songs “Janine” and “True Dreams of Wichita” in notebooks from my early 20s.

My last Pledge campaign was a total joy; I hope that, once again, all you guys will join me in a freaky endeavor.

Truly all yours,

Mike and/or Doughty and/or Mike Doughty

Apr 24 – Bridge Street Live – Collinsville, CT – TIX
Apr 25 – Iron Horse Music Hall – Northampton, MA – TIX
Apr 26 – The Stone Church – Newmarket, NH – TIX
Apr 26 – The Stone Church – Newmarket, NH – TIX